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5 Small Agency Tools We Love & Use Daily

With so many different tools, apps and platforms offering similar features, it can be difficult to choose between them. Finding reliable social media management tools can help to streamline your strategy, amplify your social presence and increase productivity. We are...

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Simple Social Tips: How to Perform Your Own Social Audit

Even pros make mistakes. That’s why it’s crucial to review your social channels regularly. It’s even more important to remain objective when conducting your own audit — evaluate your channels from an outside perspective, whether it be that of a business prospect,...

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5 Dirty Secrets of Community Managers

Hi. Nice to meet you — again. We’ve probably met before. We’re the people behind the keyboard when you tweet mean things to your cable company. We’re who replies to you when you lose your keys at the mall. We are your friendly Online Community Manager. Yes, we tend to...

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Bro, Do You Even Snapchat?

To Snap or not to Snap, that is the question. For many brands trying to reach the ever-coveted and somewhat evasive millennial market, especially female (70% of Snapchat users are women), connecting with them on the explosively popular social network currently valued...

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Nine Reasons Bell's “Let's Talk” Campaign Works

If you live in Canada, and not under a rock at that, chances are you've heard about, and possibly even participated in, Bell's wildly popular Bell Let's Talk campaign, which incidentally was today. If you were on social media at all on January 28th, it was virtually...

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10 Social Media Commandments for Brands in 2015

1. Thou shalt not be unresponsive The bigger the brand, the more tweets you’re going to have coming at you. Be prepared to weather the storm and equip your team properly. Larger social media teams will sometimes work in shifts so there is nearly ‘round the clock...

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