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Beating the Social Advertising Holiday Blues

As your marketing plans begin to turn to the holidays, you may be wanting to add digital and social media into the mix. Certainly, the audience is there. But so, sadly, are increased prices. Here’s everything you need to know about advertising online — without breaking your bank.

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How to Run a Top-Performing Flash Giveaway on Facebook

What do people love? Free stuff. Any experienced community manager worth their salt can tell you flash giveaways are a trusted secret weapon that can drive up engagement and get viral action going on just about any channel. We’ve seen clients grow their account...

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The Wall Centre Hotels Select engageQ

The Wall Centre Hotels, among Canada's top-rated hotel chains, has selected engageQ digital as its social engagement agency. The Sheraton Wall Centre's flagship property, in downtown Vancouver, is a is a 48-storey hotel — the largest hotel west of Toronto.

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5 Simple Tips for Creating Killer eNewsletters

In our last post, we went over some of the more technical aspects of perfecting eNewsletters. This week, we’re talking about what makes for strong eNewsletter content and how to get people opening your email and clicking. 1. Be Purposeful. The golden rule of...

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eNewsletters: Easy To Set Up…Hard to Master

eNewsletters are arguably one of the best, and most direct, ways to connect with your audience. When used properly, they can be an incredibly powerful communication tool and help you build a dedicated online following and engaged community. Offering value is...

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Five Social Media Resolutions for a Kick Ass 2017

Yes, we’re a little late with the resolutions post...but maybe setting our intentions for the year in early February might give us a better chance of sticking with them, right? Either way, we want to share some social media habits we resolve to uphold over the course...

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Four Tips for Using Facebook Insights to Improve Engagement

How often do you pop in and check out the analytics in Facebook Insights or another tool you use to monitor your page performance? While coming up with engaging content isn’t a hard science, using tools to analyze what your audience resonates with is absolutely a must...

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