Contagious Engagement = Measurable Results

Your best customers are too important to ignore.


It's not enough to throw up a Facebook page and call it a day. Your customers and prospects are there — asking questions, posting reviews, and sometimes even complaining.

Let us do the legwork.

We're the secret “voice” behind many brands online. In fact, you may have already talked to us in your online travels.

When someone comments on your Instagram photo, tweet, or Facebook ad, it's us who replies as your brand — taking the workload off your team.

We'll praise your best fans, escalate customer service issues directly to your team, delete libelous content, and more.

How It Works

We start by working with you to develop a clear list of what content you’d like us to catch, champion, and remove. Then we upgrade your social media channels by protecting them with blockwords and a profanity filter, and start monitoring your pages for comments.

Our response time is well within 15 minutes during business hours, and we provide weekend and evening coverage as well.

We don’t outsource this work overseas. The people working on your social media channels are all in-house engageQ staff.

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