Social Media Strategic Plans

Building a Foundation for Your Online Outreach

There are two ways to create contagious engagement: the easy way, and the hard way.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the hard way already: Post or tweet something, get disappointed that nobody responds, and swear off social media for life.

Or worse: Spend countless hours and way too much of your budget developing a contest, only to have a small handful of your already-loyal customers participate. So much for growth.

Meet the easy way.
Let us do the legwork for you. We’ll create a customized Engagement Blueprint for your organization’s very specific audience segments and objectives. We’ll develop a complete editorial calendar, backed by best practices in content effectiveness. We’ll give your team unlimited access to our online Engagement Measurement tool. And you’ll finally see results. Isn’t it about time?

What Our Blueprint Contains

  • Metrics Analysis
  • Thorough Objective-to-Tactic Grid
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Negative Response Strategy
  • Fan-Building Campaigns and Contests
  • Tools for ROI Calculation
  • Facebook Edgerank (Visibility) Analysis
  • Comprehensive Competitive Review
  • Industry Comparatives
  • Brand-Mention Monitoring
  • Analysis of Content Effectiveness
  • Posting Strategy: By Day, Type, and Hour
  • Virality Analysis
  • Development and Launch Timelines
  • Recommended Social Media Policy
  • Phased Recommendations with Estimated Costs

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