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Our team of Fan Engagement and Moderation pros can stay on top of your company’s Facebook Page, Twitter account, or other social media channels — finding and posting content, praising your best fans, escalating customer service issues directly to your team, deleting libelous content, and more.
We start by sitting down with you to develop a clear list of what content you’d like us to catch, champion, and remove. Then we upgrade your social media channels by protecting them with blockwords and a profanity filter, and start monitoring your pages based on how often you’d like us to be in there.
We don’t outsource this work overseas. The people working on your social media channels will be native English speaking and easily reachable any time by email.

What We Do

  • We’ll research and post amazing viral content relevant to your business
  • Regular posting to your social media channels (2-3 times a day)
  • You can review/edit/reschedule the posts we’ve got queued at any time
  • Regular fan engagement audits to ensure we’re most effective
  • Encourage posting from your fans
  • Help grow your existing fan base
  • Respond within minutes on your behalf to questions we can answer
  • Moderation of your Page (delete inappropriate comments, ban spammers, etc.)
  • Escalate issues directly to you that we can’t answer
  • Includes two hours a month of consulting on digital marketing
“After just four months of engageQ managing our Facebook presence, the number of Woodgrove Centre fans jumped 70%, we more than doubled our reach, and quadrupled the number of viral shares.”
Nola Dunn, Woodgrove Centre, Nanaimo BC

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