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Stop tweeting. Seriously, knock it off.

Unless your organization has millions to mindlessly throw at tweets and status updates, you are wasting your time and money.

Let us show your team how to generate real, measurable results. In this intensive, on-site workshop, your team will learn the secrets behind creating contagious engagement in social media — the kind of interaction that drives real-world action. It is fully-customized to your organization and competitive space.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Develop a ROI-based social media strategy
  • Market beyond the basic model of segmentation
  • Measure and report actual results (not just clicks and tweets)
  • Identify and reach brand influencers
  • Protect and moderate your social media channels
  • Convert attackers to fans (using our five-step negative response strategy)
  • Boost visibility in Facebook exploiting its Edgerank algorithm
  • Exploit advanced tactics like retargeting and microtargeting

Complete Package

  • half- or full-day workshop — completely customized to your specific business, industry, and competitive landscape
  • Full workshop kit, including slides, white papers, and more
  • An (optional) email test sent two weeks after to reinforce learning
  • Free registration in our 30-day video training follow-up

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"Equipped us to make confident, smart choices in the future..."

"engageQ's Boosting Fan Engagement workshop was so much fun — not to mention helpful, clearly laid out, and targeted to our unique circumstances. Knowledge, humour, and professional insight made for a workshop that was ultimately exactly what we needed to take our use of social media to the next level. I came away feeling equipped to make confident, smart choices in the future." — Anna Bonokowski, producer, CBC Radio's The Debaters
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