Social media content managers don’t often get a bypass on the algorithms. A way to jump the queue and guarantee your content will show up. Not organic posts anyway.

But every once in a while, the platforms juice their algos in such a way as to give more weight to new features. Remember when Zuckerberg was infatuated with Live Broadcasts? And for one glorious week or so, if your brand did a Live, you’d get really good ranking. Those temporary boosts come and go.

And one new one appears to have arrived — this one, on TikTok.

If you use TikTok with any regularity, you’ll know they’ve been experimenting with a separate section where educational videos lives.

Now, it seems they’re getting ready to launch that as a full and separate feed on the app.

Right now, TikTok has two feeds: Following, which are the accounts you’ve followed, and For You — which is a collection of people you’ve followed and other videos TikTok thinks you’d be interested in.

This new setup would add a third called Learn. Some users are seeing that third heading at the top of their feeds now.

This is all part of the company’s $50 million creative learning fund, which it launched earlier in the year. They’ve given grant money to more than 800 influencers, media outlets, schools, and experts. 

But it seems you don’t need to be one of those chosen few to get into this curated feed. Hashtagging your post with Learn or providing what is clearly educational content could get you in there. 

It certainly would get you higher up in the feed than relying on the more general For You column.