Brand Podcasts That Pop

A branded podcast is a great way to get more engaged followers of your company, promote the values you stand for, and increase brand awareness. 

We can help you get your word out there — with full service podcast production.

From finding and recording your host, to developing the content, licensing music, mixing and producing the episodes, and distributing your show to millions, we can handle everything.

Podcasts We Produce

Today in Digital Marketing
Thousands of marketing executives rely on this podcast, which we produce every weekday.

It's a brief newscast covering that day's developments in digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and related topics.

Whether you work for a digital agency or a brand, this is what you need to know. And nothing more.

“For the fast developing field of digital marketing this show hits on many points with information on different platforms and technologies.”
— Louis Nelson

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The Nanaimo Chronicles
This popular regional podcast showcases the unique people and events of the community Recent seasons have focused on intimate, deep-dive interviews with local candidates for political offices.

With high production values, it is locally respected as among the best of the local podcast shows.

“Brilliant series that was as much compelling as it was surpring — and with production values that sounded like it came from New York, not Nanaimo.”
— Jamie Lassi

The Wellhouse
Healthy living is never about one thing. It’s about integrating different approaches to create the “best you” you can imagine. In this podcast series, we work with a Canadian chiropractic clinic to give listeners actionable things they can do to help build a healthier body.

“From the initial plan through to our podcast being live, engageQ did an outstanding job. We're thrilled with the production quality, and the process was made much easier than we thought it could ever be!”
— Dr. Glen Reed

SCI-Q: Spinal Cord Injury Education
This educational podcast series helps people with spinal cord injuries get the latest expert advice on living with SCI or a similar disability.

This podcast series is currently in production.


We want to put your brand's podcast here! Contact us to chat about what you're looking for.

How Does The Process Work?

First, we meet to develop a Brand Briefing so we can understand the specific business goals you have for the podcast. Then, we get to work mapping out a pilot episode for you. Together, we tweak that episode until you're happy with the sound. Then, we develop a full year's editorial calendar, and get to work on the series!

Okay, What Would the First Step Be?

After the Brand Briefing (above), we'll develop a comprehensive podcast plan — detailing the episode structure and topics, along with a timeline of tasks to get us to launch.

This document will also contain your podcast's logo for your review, all the technical aspects (hosting provider, account credentials, stock music licencing info), and a brief post-launch promotional plan.

Do You Use Legally Licenced Music?

Of course. 100% of the music we select for your show will be licenced correctly. With access to 750,000+ tracks (and musicians for show theme commissions), your show will sound very polished. Plus, the music licences last forever — even if you stop working with us or stop producing episodes.

Can You Help Us Get an Audience?

Yes! As a full-service social media agency, we can create your social promotional channels and use low-cost targeted ad campaigns to introduce your podcast to people likely to listen.

Will We Be in Apple Podcasts or Spotify or ...?

You'll be there and dozens more! Once we have a green-light to distribute your show, we'll create an RSS feed and distribute it to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and all the major podcast apps.

Can We Do This Remotely?

Absolutely. Even without a pandemic, we're set up to record studio-quality audio even if you're in your office. 

Our president, Tod Maffin, was one of the world's first podcasters and founder of the Foursevens Podcast network.

He developed the national podcast strategy for CBC Radio, and created a national index for all podcasts in Canada.

One of his early shows (“How to Do Stuff”) was highlighted on stage with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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