Venue Condo Development

Venue is a revolutionary condominium project in the Greater Vancouver area.

engageQ was retained to help build awareness of the new development through an extensive social media influencer program and drive registrations for the Preview Centre using highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads.

Instant Social Presence
This was a brand new development, requiring a comprehensive social media presence. We launched both Facebook and Instagram channels, on-brand, and complete with organic content to help with “social proof.”

Cross-Marketing Analysis
By working with Venue‘s other marketing partners, we were able to uncover critical web traffic data that showed how other campaigns (like banner ads, media mentions, and more) affected web traffic. This helped Venue identify which areas were over-performing and shift budgets to get even stronger results.

Influencer Marketing
We coordinated with three local online influencers to help develop programs that introduced their existing audience to Venue, letting us reach well beyond traditional audiences.

Engaging Past Visitors
By installing special code on Venue‘s web site, we silently captured web visitors into targetable audience “buckets.” Once we'd collected several thousand interested visitors, we deployed an extensive ad program on Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with people who'd visited but not yet registered for a tour.

ROI-Tracked Advertising
We designed and managed five separate social ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, targeting people in the local area thinking about apartment living, real estate, and demographically matched interests. And these campaigns were managed daily, rotating creatives to avoid ad fatigue.

Conversion Optimization
We worked closely with Venue‘s web developers and helped identify specific user-interface issues which could be holding back registrations. By tweaking things and adjusting the desired “action flow” on the site, we converted more visitors into buyers.

Comprehensive Advertising Program

We do ads differently than most agencies.

Rather than running a couple of different ads, we ran hundreds of variations of the brand message — rotating images, headlines, texts, and more — and shifting the budget allocation for each ad set daily to ensure ad variants that were performing better got stronger social traction.

Facebook Desktop


Social Box

Facebook Mobile

Influencer Marketing

But it's not enough any more to just run some ads and let it be.

That's why we ran an extensive Influencer Marketing program — signing three local social influencers to develop content in partnership with Venue. And each of their links back to Venue were coded so we could evaluate the traffic uplift from each one.

Community + Social

Finally, we connected the brand to the local community.

Homes are emotional purchases. So we wrapped the campaign in a community-centric content marketing program, keeping Venue‘s online communities buzzing with information about what's happening in the local area.

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Ad Variants

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